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FeelSocial Allow me to address the #1 question on your mind: "Is FeelSocial a lot like any of the other messaging programs already launched?

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" The easy answer is no! FeelSocial is totally unique and really opens up an entire new era of FB personal messaging for your clients to convert leads into sales inside the Facebook mailbox. You may have seen other old Facebook "bots" that either don't work, are missing key motorisation features, are technically challenging or outdated. The simple fact is that at the time they were released, the FB messaging API just wasn't where it is now. The technology don't exist yet! Facebook lately rolled out an whole new messaging API and FeelSocial allows your customers to take good thing about all the new features without being a programmer and without typing just one range of code. Imagine having the capacity to broadcast a new discount or coupon code for a new offer to your entire FB site lead list? Or having the ability to trigger them into several messages determined by how they reply to previous communications? Welcome to FeelSocial!











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